Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chloe Buckled Clog Wedge

Wedges are so essential during the summertime, they are so comfortable and chic. They are perfect for the daytime with a pair of tailored shorts and a flirty blouse or a cute, short sun dress. I even think if the occasion is appropriate they can be worn for those late summer nights. I live in my Aldo buckled wedges, but I think I found a new pair, the See by Chloe Buckled Clog Wedge. What do you think????? Xo

The Clog Comeback

I was never a huge fan of clogs, but now ..O M G! from Chanel to Jeffery Campbell to Free People I'm falling in love with them. I want a pair, but can't even decide which ones they're all so chic! Which is your favorite? Xo

Friday, July 30, 2010

Switch your dress code, change your life like Presto!

So now that Summer 2010 is slowly coming to a close, its time to start cleaning out and organizing your closet. Most people can never get the motivation to sit down and organize everything and decide what they do and don't want or what pieces are "in" at the moment. Or you could just want to start fresh with your closet and revamp your look. I enjoy cleaning and organizing, it's the Virgo in me so I would love to help everyone with their closets! The process we will go through is pretty simple, first I will look through your closet and talk to you about just simply cleaning it out and getting rid of unnecessary items. Then we will get into the organization and the way your closet should be structured in order to fit your new look/style or your current style. We will review all different looks for men and women with inspiration drawn from celebrities, photo shoots, editorials and everyday people. Once we pin point exactly what you are going for, we will then start putting outfits together from your closet and then talking about what new pieces you will need to invest in, in order to really move towards the future and your new look. I will even come shopping with you if you are uncomfortable picking the right piece! I'm all about highs and lows and affordable, quality clothing ;) When it is all said and done, I want everyone to feel amazing in whatever they are wearing and would love if I could be the one to make you happy and pleased with yourself because everyone is beautiful! Xo

BTW: This is for both sexes, I style men and women!

Contact me for prices or any other questions you might have Xo
Facebook: Sierra Townsend

Monday, July 12, 2010

Army Green

Lately I've been so obsessed with finding the perfect pair of green cargos. This summer the military look is back whether it's green cargos or Doc Marten boots. The military style is all about balancing your femininity with a not so feminine color and being able to pull it off without it being too much . The Kardashians tend to use a lot of army green in their wardrobe which I love. The color is simple and adds a nice aspect to an outfit. Xo

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crazy in Love

Can't get enough of this video, I love every outfit! I can't pick a favorite look they're all so different! Xo

Boulee Please!!!

Okay so while working at Taste I discovered this clothing line called Boulee and fell madly in love with the collection. Every piece is so simple, but yet so creative at the same time. I love pieces that I can wear multiple times paired with different items and have it look great every time and Boulee is perfect for me. All the pieces can be dressed up and look classy and chic, but still have some edge. My favorite Boulee top and one of my favorite pieces EVER is the Michelle Top, I'm obsessed! Every time I see it in another color I get more and more excited! Isn't it beautiful!? Xo