Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 BET Likes

This years BET awards was somewhat of a fashion disappointment for me. For the most part a lot of the dresses looked the same they were short and way too busy in my opinion. Cassie usually always impresses me, but this year her mix of Givenchy and Charotte Ronson didn't do it for me. As for what I liked, Nicki Minaj was my absolute favorite, the dress was gorgeous, you can't go wrong in a flowy Rochas dress. Her jewelry choice also really set it off, simple and chic. I love Ciara's dress, the detail was beautiful, but the boots wouldn't have been my first choice to pair it with. Lauren London's look was a great look for her, the green and gold tones in the sequin top really complimented her skin tone and brought out her new, lighter hair color, LOVED IT! Melody Thorton has a great simple yet trendy style that's always a little risky and keeps people talking, but never too much. Her legs look amazing and the dress really compliments her figure. My last look I liked was Eva Marcille's, it looks like something I would go for, a simple dress with a different type of cut and some statement pumps . To me, accessories are always key. Xo

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